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What Our Clients Say

Allan Davidson

“Knowing Hakan has changed my life. His knowledge, awareness and passion about health and life are truly amazing. He has opened up a whole new world on my journey to health and well being and reinforced the notion that anything is possible. His network of like minded knowledgeable health professionals, products and books have been so valuable to me for learning, gaining knowledge and growing physically, mentally and spiritually. It is an on going pleasure to be one of Hakan’s clients.”
Allan D., CANADA


“Until 2012, I have had serious shoulder and back pain. My shoulder regularly froze up without any reason, and made a clicking sound when I moved. I tried everything for my back; except surgery which I was not willing to do. Then I discovered Body Equilibrium. After a series of liver flushes, my health improved a lot. My left shoulder went back to normal as it had been before, and my back is amazing. I used to wear a lumbar support to my job, car and at home, but not any longer. These are just to name a few improvements… I have a lot more benefits since. Thanks to Hakan and his personality, he is always generous and helpful with every problem I experience. He is with me every step of the way.”
Cemil Gurkan G., USA

William Forbes

“Hakan Coskuner is a profoundly committed hands-on wellness consultant. His extensive knowledge of human physiology coupled with cutting edge dietary and supplemental protocols has enabled many of his clients to overcome potentially fatal conditions with safe and easy to apply health tools. Hakan’s no-nonsense approach to increasing maximal health in his clients empowers them to take charge of their own physical conditions simply and easily.  As clients acquire the knowledge and understanding from Hakan, to take charge of their health, the effects of their results provides improvements in many other areas of their lives. It is rare to have a lifestyle advisor that sees his client’s interests as equal to his own.”
William Michael F., CANADA

Joe_Crescenzo“Hakan is one of the most passionate people I know. His love for helping others through natural practices is truly admirable. He is knowledgeable and mature beyond his years. Hakan has been coaching me on my health and well being since 2007; I wouldn’t work with anyone else. I have seen dramatic results over the last few years; results I couldn’t have achieved without his help. I would recommend his services to anyone who wishes to live a happier and healthier life.”

Savilla Kress

I did not know much about naturopathic medicine until I met Hakan. If I was sick, I went to the family doctor, and I usually went home with a prescription. It was not until I went into end-stage renal failure that I searched outside the pharmacy. With Hakan’s guidance, I began liver cleansing. I discovered that not only was natural healing possible, but it was simple, also far less expensive. My arthritis and my allergies went away, and my vision improved. These were afflictions which I thought would be with me for life. However when you truly heal, you don’t just target one ailment; you heal the entire body. If you are ready to make a commitment to healing, look no further than Body Equilibrium. All the answers are right here.
S. Kress, USA

“Hakan’s focus and personal desire to facilitate wellness, plus his wonderful knowledge of bodily systems are the key aspects which make him an invaluable teacher and wellness professional. His ability to zero in on the root of the problem in order to promote optimal health is nothing short of fascinating. His work has personally saved me from unnecessary surgery. For this I am eternally grateful.”
Gerald A., CANADA


“Hakan is a very passionate and dedicated wellness consultant who truly cares about people’s well being. Whenever I’ve needed advice for myself or my friends he always seems to know the right thing to do. I am very impressed with the breadth and scope of his knowledge of healing modalities.”
Peter S., CANADA


“Wir möchten uns bei Dir lieber Hakan ganz herzlichst für die kompetente und unermüdliche Betreuung bedanken. In einer Zeit, wo viele Menschen doch schnell den Mut verlieren oder an „Gesundheitssysteme“ geraten die eine Gesundung verzögern bis hin total verhindern haben wir viele wichtige Informationen von Dir erhalten, die den Genesungsprozess absolut unterstützt und unsere Gewissheit beschleunigt hat. Man könnte es auch als das „Rundum Sorglos Paket“ beschreiben. Ganz ganz herzlichen Dank dafür. In tiefer Verbundenheit und mit dem Wissen, dass wir alle miteinander verbunden sind.”
Elvira T., GERMANY

“Your passion and insight regarding the health, and ultimately the happiness of us all, is a truly wonderful thing. Best wishes for your continued success.”
Robert H., CANADA


“As I was on a journey to find the best phytoplankton on the market, I stumbled across a fountain of knowledge in Hakan. At first I didn’t know much about Hakan as I was just a customer and he the supplier. Then came a phone call from Hakan that blew my mind. It was an hour long conversation about health from a perspective I had never heard of. My family and friend’s lives have changed since then. He is a valuable resource and I brag about Hakan like my new car. Words cannot do justice for Hakan’s impressive and extraordinary quality of knowledge. Every friend/family member that has had a consultation with Hakan had a complete flip in confidence in believing in themselves that they can better their health. As Hakan said, that’s where it all starts, with one’s self. I cannot thank Hakan enough and am indebted to him for everything that he’s helped with. He is one priceless resource everyone should have on hand.”
Mustafa H., USA


“Hakan is an absolute gem. His vast plethora of knowledge and his passion to educate his clients in health and health awareness is a gift in itself. I continually trust Hakan in advising my health in accordance with my demanding career and am ever grateful for his knowledge and compassion for bettering any health challenges that arise.”
Shariah J., CANADA

“Several years ago I have had the good fortune finding out about Body Equilibrium and since then would often read the articles and news for advice on various health related issues for myself and on behalf of others. I am grateful for the level of dedication in the field of the healing arts using natural and wholistic means and the ongoing research and practice in which Body Equilibrium is readily willing to share in the interest of helping others. Hakan has recently recommended a special herbal detox cleanse for the liver and kidneys, the results of which were very therapeutic and successful for me. In the past, on numerous occasions he has been instrumental in optimizing my health through offering the best & most appropriate means of diet, exercise, natural and wholistic supplements, and special programs available. I regularly maintain an open line of communication with him in the interest of furthering my own education and enhancing my level of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Thank you Hakan for all your help over the years.”

“My doctor insisted on gallbladder removal. I didn’t want to go through with it, but I needed serious help. I had 4 gallbladder attacks and everything I ate caused me pain. I have gone through 5 cleanses already, and I can feel a huge difference. No pain, I can eat! My arthritis and gout are gone too! I have more energy, feel happy and healthy. I was especially amazed by how easy and painless this process is. At first I was very scared to take that amount of oil since I had been experiencing such pain from anything I ate. No pain, no discomfort whatsoever. I have to laugh when I think how scared I was at first. I recommended this book to my mother who is in her 80’s, my sister who has high cholesterol, and my best friend with liver pain and arthritis. They are people I love dearly, and that is precisely why I recommended them to follow this cleanse. I feel great respect for the medical profession, but doctors do not know everything. Take the helm of your own health! If you need an answer to a prayer, this is it. Thank you SO MUCH.”
G. Calving, USA

Justin Doran

“Hakan is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to health of the mind, body and spirit. If it was not for Body Equilibrium introducing me to the liver and gallbladder flush I would not have the health I have today. It was amazing how effectively it worked with not only feeling the results but seeing them as well. I am grateful for having Hakan’s help but also thankful for being able to count him as a friend as well. Cheers and thanks.”
Justin D., CANADA

“Anyone interested in mastering their own health should read this book “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. I am biology major and I learned things about the human body from this book that just does not get taught in school. The flush works. I feel amazing. Get it…Read it…Do the flush…Be prepared for a beautiful turn around in your health, and insight into how to treat your body right.”
F. Marcantonia, USA

“Thank you, for putting this information out there. I have followed your instructions and passed tens of thousands of gallstones. My health and outlook has improved immensely. Your method and instructions are easy to follow and work well, all it takes is a little discipline. The effort is well worth it and I dread to think what the future would have been for me with all those gallstones in my liver. I am sincerely grateful.”


“Hakan’s passion for health and wellness, his knowledge and guidance has helped me (when I needed it the most!) change the way I think, eat,… and improve my overall health.”
Svjetlana K., SERBIA

Leah-Anne Gauvin

“I met Hakan through a mutual friend. I am a triathlete, and from all outward appearances one would assume me to be fit and healthy. People constantly tell me “You are so healthy!”  I guess I believed it, not having any symptoms of disease. I decided to do a flush with a friend thinking it would be a piece of cake, but my liver was so congested I had difficulty passing some stones on my first flush. Hakan was very encouraging and talked me through some tough moments when I was not sure what was happening to my body. It was a revelation to me to realize how many toxins had accumulated in my liver over the years, and as a result, I now take my health more seriously. I have now completed 2 flushes successfully and have removed over 700 stones. I will begin my next flush soon and am very excited to rid my body of disease causing toxins. I am very fortunate to have met Hakan, and I am happy to say that I may have prevented a serious disease in my body. Hakan is very knowledgeable on this flush and he is a must have go to person for anyone wanting to clean their liver/gallbladder. I highly trust Hakan with his knowledge on this liver flush, as well as his experience with natural remedies for other health issues.
Leah-Anne G., CANADA

Silvana Kane

“It is with much gratitude that I write this testimonial about Hakan.  In the time that I have known him I have learned that he is more than passionate about health and well-being, and a true living example and inspiration of vibrant living.  I appreciate and learn from all the information he sends my way, and keep growing in health and vitality because of it.  I believe that we all have the ability to take charge of our lives and bodies, and that if we decide to make change, good things will come our way.  Thank you Hakan for being a source of light.”
In good health!
Silvana K., CANADA

“I am being coached by Hakan Coskuner at Body Equilibrium. I have received the finest care and attention in the last couple of months through protocols, emails and personal discussions. Hakan is unfailingly upbeat and positive and has inspired confidence in many areas of my life. In the last couple of days, I have been feeling so calm and relaxed, since I can’t remember when….must be the cleanse. I am so happy! Thank you! Thank you!”
Debra C., CANADA

E-Zaccheo“Before I had met Hakan, I had severe weight problems for at least 15 years. I tried everything to lose weight; yo-yo diets and even prescription diet pills, however, once I would stop the pills, I would gain all the weight back plus more.Two years ago, I started to consult with Hakan and he recommend to start a proper nutritional program, and liver flushes. As soon as I did my first flush, I was amazed to see all the stones coming out and I started to lose weight right after. The balanced meals helped me to lose more weight and to have better health. I have lost almost 40lbs and feel great. My lifelong migraines have vanished too, which I can’t thank him enough for.”
E. Zaccheo, USA

“Two years ago I went to Hakan feeling pretty dejected and low. I was well over my ideal weight, unhappy and anxious. Hakan tailored an entire eating and exercise program for me based on my current weight, my goals and my daily nutritional needs. He gave it to me in bite size chunks that were manageable. Within two months I was at my optimal weight and the best shape of my life in my mid-40s. Hakan was knowledgeable, present, loving, gracious, patient, but stern and as committed to the goal as I was. He was always available for questions and concerns, even the same questions over and over. I felt his excitement too, as everything changed. Today I am happy, anxiety free, and my sleep and skin issues disappeared as well. I am healthy and fit and grateful. Sure, happiness is an inside job, but it helps to have an amazing mentor. To say Hakan changed my life would be an understatement.”
Sheila M., USA

“Thanks to Hakan, I finally got rid of the sinus infection that plagued me. It wouldn’t go away and I was on one antibiotic after another. So far, it has been about 8 months since I’ve had a sinus infection. That’s a record for me already. Thank you.”
Sue M., Canada

“My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for some years and we had reached a point where we assumed this was not going to be our time. After years of trying, we had all but given up. When we met Hakan, he advised us to address our bodies and the organs of elimination. Using the liver flushes, kidney and colon cleanses, along with herbal formulas, we embarked on our path to wellness, under his guidance. Hakan always reassured us that when the body is corrected, there would be no reason why we would not get pregnant. Trusting in nature, and the right time. Along the way, my wife’s acne completely cleared, after years of struggle and pursuing every known avenue, to no avail. And then the miracle happened. We were blessed with a beautiful little baby girl. Healthy and thriving and full of joy. We have the deepest gratitude to Hakan for constantly reminding us of the true power of the human body and the simplicity of restoring balance. We highly, highly recommend him.”
Family Terry & Sara M., N. Ireland


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