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Dr. Robert Morse’s Health Club

The Dental Spa.Located in Delta, British Columbia, these cosmetic dentists offer the Vancouver region the best and most comprehensive dental practice, focusing on responsible holistic dentistry practices, treating the whole patient. Talk to Dr. Ross Gorell or Dr. Kler.

Orgone Pyramids by Peter Stathis
Fifth Element Orgone products are powerful Spiritual tools that can be used to enhance all areas of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They can best be described as transmitters of Universal Light Energy, also knows as Source Energy, Ether and Zero Point Energy.
An excellent colonic irrigation board (similar to a Colema board) is available in Europe from Colon-Net, France.

Savilla Creations
Beautiful handcrafted art work, clothing, paintings. Soothing work for the soul. Made in the USA. Cruelty free products.

Wellness Directory of Health Care Providers.Find a doctor, chiropractor, health care provider or wellness center near you.

Colon Hydro Therapy
in Vancouver. Talk to Archer.
This is also the place to do a Live Blood Cell Analysis.
2190 Fir St
Vancouver, BC, V6J 3B5
Tel: 604.731.3571
Toll Free: 1.866.3VESTTA

Inner Peace Music by Steven Halpern.

Acting for our health
Informative website about the amazing liver and gallbladder flush, with numerous testimonials.

Why Go Vegetarian?  A great article on Nutrition, Environment and Metabolism Health Benefits

Earth Clinic. Folk Remedies.

Vaccine Website. Gives you the true inside behind the vaccine industry.

The Natural Sleep Store.

What is Nutrition? Tips for Healthy living to help you on your path to a happy healthy lifestyle.

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Charter of Health Freedom:
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